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Union, Respect and Teamwork stand out above all things in our work environment. Our patients and their safety are our priority. LCTC delivers a
high quality of work thanks to the excellent work carried out by our Researchers, Clinical Study Coordinators, Regulatory Officers, as well as laboratory staff and Data Entry specialists.

Anmari Ferrer

Anmari is a certified clinical research professional with a master’s degree in business administration and management (DBA) in progress and fifteen years of experience in clinical research. In 2014, she started at LCTC and worked as a site operations manager. She managed the administrative aspects of the Clinical Research Site. Also, oversight the general operations at LCTC. Ensuring the subject’s safety during their participation in the study is essential for her. Also, her mission is to ensure that LCTC delivers the highest quality of work in the different trials following Protocol and GCP Guidelines. In her free time, she loves spending time with her kids and family, baking with her daughter, and dancing, exercising, and watching Netflix series as therapy for her.

Alexander Alonso

It is original from Colombia. In 2005 completed a specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in his country. Since 2020 joined the LCTC team as a Regulatory Officer. He is excellent at handling all regulatory aspects of the center including IRB, GCP training, monitoring and others. His qualities include being respectful, courteous, and friendly. Integrity and own initiative are aspects that
identify him. During the free time he likes to study with the goal of being able to practice his specialty in the United States in the future. In addition, he enjoys being with his family, watching movies, and soccer.

Néstor González

Néstor González is a clinical laboratory scientist by profession.
Since 2016 started at LCTC as Clinical Research Coordinator. Exposure to Clinical Research was a new world of knowledge for him. “The field of clinical studies allowed me to develop my curious nature, as I have always liked to learn new things. It allowed me to access new concepts and information about diseases, conditions and medications” says Nestor. In his free time, Nestor likes to draw, read, learn new topics, creativity is part of him.

Juana Olivo

Is a Graduated Nurse. Since 2011 she has been working at LCTC as
Clinical Research Coordinator. Jenny, as we affectionately call her, is passionate about clinical research. “In this field, I have learned
new and interesting aspects of health. The opportunity to offer the patient treatment alternatives to treat her different health conditions is wonderful”. Jenny says. Being responsible, empathic and a fighter are some of the many qualities that distinguish her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading and watching movies.

Deysi García

It is originally from Matanzas, Cuba. She graduated from Computer Engineering in her country. In 2022 moved to Puerto Rico and immediately join the LCTC team. She is excellent at performing quality control, organizing work, and supporting data entry for the different studies. Clinical Research is fundamental and positive for the health of the volunteers who participate; says Deysi. Responsibility, charisma, and dedication distinguish her in her work. During the free time, she enjoys music, dancing, particularly the salsa genre.

Dianne Atehortua

Original from Colombia. In 2004 she completed a Dentistry degree in her country. Since 2020 she began to develop interest into the Clinical Research field. In 2021, joined the LCTC team as Clinical Research Coordinator. She is excellent at managing the laboratory area, organizing tasks, and performing quality control. Setting priorities and working with precision distinguishes her. Courtesy and kindness stand out in her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, creating jewelry and embroidering.

Mariamgely López

Mariamgely López is a Teacher and Counselor by profession, holding a bachelor’s degree in Higher Education and a master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. Since 2023, she has been working at LCTC as a “Patient Coordinator and Schedule Planner” and later as a “Patient and Office Administrator”. She is passionate about making others feel good, service, and being empathetic with every visitor at LCTC. She enjoys reading, continuous learning, and spending time with her family in her free time.

Yinelis Díaz

Yinelis Díaz has been a medical technologist since 2018. She started at LCTC in 2023 and has since held the position of Study Coordinator. What she likes most about LCTC is caring for patients with a diagnosis for which they have not obtained an ideal treatment for a better quality of life. At LCTC, we are known for making the patient feel like part of the family, and we have extraordinary doctors who provide quality service to make the patient feel at home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, traveling, or being in the backyard with good music and her pets.

Neira Segarra Ortiz

Neira Segarra Ortiz is a Doctor of Medicine with 20 years of experience in Family Medicine. She studied Medicine in Baja California, Mexico. Since she started working at the Latin Clinical Trial Center, it has been an opportunity for professional and personal growth. Dr. Segarra has been working as a sub-investigator at LCTC since 2022, which has allowed her to help people with the most recent alternatives in medical treatments and help them have a better quality of life. The safety and well-being of our subjects is her Top Priority. She lives to serve, always trying to be a better doctor and person. She loves spending time on her terrace caring for her orchids during her free time. The missionary trips are therapy for Dr. Segarra. It gives her peace, tranquility, and balance. She likes to read and learn every day.