About Us


Principal Investigators on site are board certified. Specialists in the  community such Gastroenterologist, Cardiologist, Rheumatologist,  Neurologist, Pulmonologist, Women Health, Family Medicine,  Oncologist, Internal medicine and work as Associated PIs and work  with the site as needed. All of them have proved experience in their  fields and work in well-established practices.

CRAs and Regulatory personal with previous experience conducting clinical research both at the Clinical Research Center of the University and in private practices. These personnel have the proper certification and experience to fulfill any study requirement.


LCTC Inc., is a private center with the Central office in the North Area of San Juan and it is conveniently located 4 miles from International SJU airport, 4 miles from the University Hospital, 0.5 miles from Dr. Pavia Hospital, a major health care facilitie with emergency room.

Our Clinical Trial Center is a 1200 square feet facility, which includes a designated research area with private examining rooms to provide confidentiality and comfort to our subjects. In addition, our facility also includes a secured area for studied medications, case report forms and record storage, as well as, a private office to ensure comfortable, peaceful and undistracted monitor visits to our C.R.A.s. The Center has secure parking facilities.

Patient’s recruitment

The diverse and densely populated San Juan area allows for easy recruitment of volunteers, mainly Hispanics. Our patient population comes from all age groups both male and female and mainly from San Juan area. Patient recruitment is achieved by using a combination of clinical research databases, private practice patients and media advertising. The private practice of our PI on site and the practices of our associated PIs have potentially more than 100.000 patients. This is the main source of the eligible participants. In addition, our PIs have access to a HMO near of our central office, which cover an estimated population of 14,000 patients.